Latency - stumped

Howdy again,

Another of my (forum-shy) singers tried to connect to a trial but her latency was hovering around 35-40ms.

Here’s her setup:

  • Mac Air 2015 running on Mojave
  • Ethernet to Hitron 32x8 modem/router
  • her internet plan is meant to be 75mbps down, 15 up (pretty standard here)
  • google speed test results are:
    Ping 13ms
    Download 33.93
    Upload: 5.19

She ran the Flock test, and the ‘connect to google’ is always red, and upload often is.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Hi ! That sounds quite high on the latency given her internet plan.

A few comments

  • ignore the “connect to google” test. we’re removing that in the next version
  • that upload speed is often red on the tests suggests that her internet provider may say 15Mbps but in reality it varies a lot. It would be good to get more info on that.
  • make sure WiFi is off. On the Mac if both ethernet is connected and Wifi is on, then it sometimes routes through WiFi. The specific sequence to avoid is: wifi on, open flock, connect ethernet. To be safe just switch WiFi off.

Some other troubleshooting ideas are here:–latency

Hope that helps

Thanks again Paul, will follow through!