ASIO shows no devices

On Windows: I have two users at NFS who, after installing Flock and then ASIO, when they go to configure ASIO they find that there are no audio devices. They CAN use Zoom, and the audio devices are there. If they quit zoom, it still does not show devices in Flock. Screenshots below:

Hey Anthony

I’ve seen this once before on a user who has quite a complex setup: lots of devices, an external audio interface plus he uses ASIO4ALL with multiple apps. In his case, he needed to do a complete re-install, i.e. uninstall Flock, delete the %AppData%\Flock config folder, reinstall Flock, reinstall ASIO4ALL. You can find the instructions here:–installer

That worked, but then he had a range of other problems (I think due to the complexity of his setup). And so in the end the best option for him was to use Windows audio device in either exclusive or low latency mode.

I’d make 100% sure that ASIO4ALL is properly installed first. And if it is, then try what I suggest above. Let me know if it any of that works.