Audio on computer lost. Help!

Morning. I have managed to set up Flock and am waiting for a couple of people to do the same and run a test later.
However, I now have no audio on Zoom and YouTube won’t play.
Is this a conflict or setting with ASIO4ALL?
I am on Windows.
Mild panic on here as I have a big Zoom event on Tuesday! Help!
Thank you.

If in doubt…reboot! Seems to have done the trick! Fingers crossed.

Spoke too soon! Help still needed! Sorry!

Exactly right. Unfortunately ASIO4ALL “steals” the audio. Can’t have the mic in both applications at the same time. Close both and then re-open the one you want to use.

For Zoom you can switch in and out more easily by using the “Leave computer audio” setting when you want to switch over to Flock.
Screenshot 2021-03-21 at 15.32.02

And then click “Join audio” when you want to get back.
Screenshot 2021-03-21 at 15.32.44

Thank you. As it happens, for some unknown reason, audio is working on both at the same time now. No idea why!
However, I set up a test with 2 singers but we could not hear each other.
Sadly, we are all on Windows though.
Any thoughts please?

If possible, I highly recommend that you start with one or two Mac singers first. It’s very easy to get that working and will allow you to experience Flock quickly and get a sense for what it’s like to sing together and how to use the software.

At the moment, the Windows setup is significantly more intricate and I’d start that only once you’ve already onboarded a group of Mac users and also setup a Zoom bridge so that everyone else can hear what is happening in a Flock session. When you are ready for Windows, these two posts will be helpful