Can't open Flock after registering email

I am unable to open FLOCK.
After the browser window opens and confirms my email address is registdered I go back to flock but the screen doesn’t change.
I have done this process 3 times.
Any ideas?

Hi !
Are you on Windows or Mac?
And can you also post a screenshot of that Flock window that you go back to?

Hi Paul,
I sorted it. Reading through the posts, I uninstalled and installed again and it worked.
I am on Windows

Ok great- thanks for letting me know!

I am trying to open flock for a session but it tells me to

Did you receive the email and click on the link in the email?

Or this might help from the troubleshooting guide–email

Thank you Paul,
It seems that every time I open Flock I have to add my email address and wait for the email link to log in.
Also the test showed different sample rate and Buffer size to the values I have set up

This maybe why I experienced latency during the test I did on Tuesday.
I have a session now and will let you know how I get on.
I am logged in now, and will let you kno


It sounds like your settings are not being saved. The only other time I’ve seen that happen is when someone had two different apps installed, but both called Flock.
Is it possible that you have a messaging/collaboration application called also installed?

There are two places to set the values for the sample rate and buffer size. One is in ASIO (I’m guessing you are using an audio interface which has its own ASIO driver rather than the free ASIO4ALL based on the screenshot) and the other is in Flock. They need to match up. So the 44.1kHz and the 128 samples should be setup in both ASIO and in Flock Audio settings.