Data Speed, Participants, Hardwired & WiFi

I have been inundated with the number of people that want to join my ‘Flock Trial’ choir (which was unexpected but great news!) and once I get set-up with approx. 25/30 people I’d like to be able to offer those who couldn’t get a ‘live’ space the opportunity to listen in (and sing) but muted. Will this still add an extra strain to my bandwidth (not sure I’m using the right terminology here)? I’ve just tested my download speed (Saturday 09:24am) and it’s 45mbps with Ping at 6ms which I think is good. Some of those listening in participants will probably only have wifi which would’ve been why they weren’t invited to sing-in with the singers of flock. Thanks.

That’s really great news!

Using Flock, the key measure is upload bandwidth and 1 Mbps per singer is needed. In the current design of the software, If you as leader put the singer on mute then they still use up bandwidth and you’d need to count their 1Mbps. However if the singer places him/herself on mute then they don’t use up bandwidth.

If you use the zoom bridge then you can have multiple people join the zoom call and they can hear audio from the flock session. Extra people on zoom don’t add extra bandwidth requirements.

@Deighton_NFS posted a few days ago how they set it up for their choir in Boston with audio going from flock to zoom. Early next week we’ll post an instructional video on how to set this up so that audio can go both into and back out of zoom.

My view is that zoom only “counts” as a single user, so it should have a negligible impact on bandwidth of the host. Cross post from here: Easy bridge to Zoom - #8 by Deighton_NFS

Is this video up somewhere now? If it isn’t already done can you include how to do a zoombridge for non-mac users too please. Thanks