How to start my first session on Flock?

hi Ed

I think I’ve installed Flock and set up a choir room. I’m not sure I understand what happens next? Do I open my zoom session and flock simultaneously and do those people who are using flock also log in to the zoom session? Can I still unmute the zoom choir when we want to have a chat etc

Hi Sharon and thanks for starting out with Flock !

I highly recommend starting simple and then steadily get more complex. So start without Zoom. First find one other person to do your first test. To keep things easy, that person should have a Mac, wired internet and wired headphones and not be in the same household as you (i.e. on a different network from you). When you are in the Leader app and hit the Create button, it opens a room. At that point, the other person can Join the same room by using the room name and password that you’ve setup. Try that first. Then step 2 would be a bigger group with a few more Mac users. Flock is audio-only. Once you’ve got the hang of it both technically and musically, then try Zoom which requires a few more steps to setup. Last step is Windows users. At the moment, Windows is more complex to setup (and we’re working on it) which means you’ll need someone in the choir who is technically confident on Windows to help those singers to get setup. And there’s a lot of support info on the forum on how to setup singers on Windows.

For Zoom, you can search the forum (click the magnifying glass icon top right) and there is a post with other choirs describing how they have done it. We’ll be writing more detailed instructions for Zoom in the next few days on how to set that up.