Lag with 7 people, reduces with 6

Hi I’m running Flock on a Macbook Air 2015, with Mojave. My upload speed is 9mps. I’ve noticed that when we are our full complement of 7 individuals, there is a much more noticable lag, but with 6 of us this is much better. I’m presuming I need to either upgrade my internet connection or get a new MacBook should I want a better experience, but just wanted to see if there is anything else I should check first?

It’s likely to be the internet connection, i.e. your upload speed is generally 9Mbps but then varies during the session and may drop near the 7Mbps threshold.

You can check if the source of the problem is your computer. On Mac, open Activity Monitor and make sure you’re on the first tab called CPU. And then while your Flock session is running have a look at the bottom left there is a number called Idle. It’s a percentage and represents how much of your computer process is available. If you’re reaching near 100% then it could be your computer is being maxed out. Though as I said above, it’s more likely to be bandwidth.

The other possibility is that there is one singer with a bandwidth or config problem. You can watch the latency number next to their names (in ms). If that goes above 20ms then that person will have latency which may then be influencing the perception of latency across the whole session.