Looking for help - noise builds over time

I am on Windows 10. When I originally installed, I got good clear signals and had low latency. A week ago, I connected and at first had a clear connection but then within seconds, sounds became choppy and quickly incomprehensible. If I hit “reset device”, the signal would again be clear, then degrade within seconds. Now when I connect, the signal is bad from the start. Flock also crashes about 50% of the time I join a room. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flock and ASIO with no change in behavior. My devices are set to 44100. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi John,

It could be a few possibilities

  1. In the next version of Flock, we’ve fixed a number of bugs related to crashes and also improved how audio is sync’ed. Our aim is to release that version shortly. And it may solve your problem,

  2. It’s possible that there is something not configured correctly in your ASIO4ALL settings. Can you send a screenshot of both your Flock audio settings and your ASIO4ALL settings. Make sure your headset/mic is plugged in when you take the screen shot.

  3. It could be that your internet provider is shaping your traffic. So you get a good signal to start and then it degrades. What is your regular upload bandwidth and ping? You can test it with speedtest.net And then it would be good to check if somehow those numbers worsen after you start a Flock session.


Thanks for your help Paul

Here are my settings. My microphone is a Blue Snowball Ice. It worked well before this issue arose. Speed test shows that I have a 7ms ping and upload download speeds are both around 80Mbps. I’m looking forward to your next release.


Your ping and download are both very good. So likely is that it’s in ASIO4ALL and I think I can see what the problem might be.

Please do the following

  • In Flock: change the audio buffer size from 288 samples to 128 samples.
  • In ASIO4ALL: click on Blue Snowball and then at the bottom left of the window, make sure that the slider for ASIO buffer size is also set to 128 samples. I can see that you’ve got the headphones (i.e. the Realtek driver) setup at 128 samples but you need to make sure the mic (i.e. Blue Snowball) is also set at 128.

The reason is that the buffer size in Flock needs to match the buffer size in ASIO4ALL and ideally both of them should be set at 128 samples.

If Flock does not give you an option in the dropdown list for 128 samples then it means your sound card doesn’t support 128 samples. In this case, choose the number that is closest to 128 samples. Then go back to ASIO4ALL and for both your headphones (Realtek) and your mic (Blue snowball) select the same number for ASIO Buffer size that you’ve selected in Flock.