Mac version audio problem

Flockv 1.3.4 macOS 10.14.6
I experiencing an issue where I see my microphone is working (the meter lights work when I speak) but my sound does not get to the session.
The headphones work when I press test I hear a tone. I can also hear the others but they cannot hear me in the choir room. Toggling the mute myself does not help.
I guess a sign of the issue is that when I press listen to yourself I do not get the sound from my mic in my phones.
When I run the audio test the system give green ‘lights’ for all but Google (5.66 ms) and upload speed (6.61 Mb/s)
I can connect without issue to Zoom.
Any advice appreciated

It sounds like you might have background noise reduction enabled within Flock. Try go to Settings and move both sliders for background noise to the left.

Other things to explore are listed here:–mic-setup