Members kicked out of choir room

I am using a Windows 10 i7 processor 16mb RAM laptop with download speeds of 111mpbs and upload of 28mpbs. There are currently 3 people in my test circle all using windows. The first singer only last 5 seconds in the choir room and is then kicked out. Both of us disabled our anti-virus software and it was the same. The same happened with singer 2, however singer 1 and singer 2 could connect to a room when one of them became the leader, so the issue seems to be with me. I re activated my anti virus and added flock to the exemptions but it is still happening. My connection to router is red - could this be causing it ?

Health check results
---- v 1.3.9----
Wired internet connection?: Wire
Can we reach the flock server?: Yes!
Central server can reach flock app?: Yes!
How long to connect to your router?: 7.33ms
Download speed: 142.15 Mbit/s
Upload speed: 27.76 Mbit/s
Internet Ping: 4.06 Ms
Audio buffer size equals 128?: 128 Samples
Audio sample rate equals 44100?: 44100 Hz
Computing challenge speed test: 1.09 Seconds
---- 10----

Hi Carmel and thanks for trying out Flock.

Yes it is likely to be related to the above test result. Flock disconnects when the network connection is too slow or unstable. Normally the ping time from your computer to your router should be under 1 ms. Something unusual is happening on your home network that it’s 7 times slower than normal.

You’re already on a wired connection, so if no-one is streaming video at the same time as your Flock session then the problem is either:

  1. Another device on your home network (computer, phone, tablet, game console, printer, etc) has a mal-functioning or mis-configured network card and is flooding your home network with data, or
  2. Your router could be the problem, e.g. that it’s old and slow or configured incorrectly.

As a first step, try to reboot your router (i.e. switch it off for a minute and then switch it on again). You may get lucky and that solves the problem.

If that doesn’t work, you could do the following to identify what is causing the problem:

  1. Disconnect all devices both wired and WiFi from your network - that includes all computers, phones, tablets, printers, game consoles, smart-tv’s, smart-watches, etc). Unplug the ethernet cables and switch-off WiFi on each device.
  2. Connect your computer again to the router. Try the Health Check again.
    • If the ping time to your router is now normal (i.e. around 1ms) then it’s a problem with another device on your home network. Then it’s a bit laborious to figure out which device is causing the problem, but the steps are to go one-by-one with each device: connect the device to the network, run the Health Check again from your computer. Keep going while you have normal ping times to the router. When the ping time to the router hits the 7ms you’ll have found the problematic device. Make sure that device is disconnected when you run a Flock session.
    • If the ping time to your router remains at 7ms, then it could be a problem with the network card on your computer or a problem with your router. To test this: disconnect your computer from the network again. Connect another computer to the network and install Flock and run the Health check. (If you’re more technically inclined you can open a command line and ping the router directly without installing Flock). If that results in a normal ping time then the problem is with the network card on your computer. Alternatively, if the second computer also shows a high ping time to the router then it’s likely there is a problem with your router. At which point it may be worth a call to your internet provider (if they gave you the router) or to upgrade the router to a newer, faster one.

Hope that helps

Paul, I am plugged into a sonic wall that is connected to the router as since covid we are working from home. Have you come across this before?

I just did a quick search and if I understand correctly Sonic wall is a firewall. I should have mentioned this to begin with. Disconnects are most frequently caused by firewalls. Try disable it and see if that works. More info here:–disconnected

The only strange thing is that the firewall problem is usually detected by the test in Health check for Central server can reach flock app? and that seems to be ok in your case. Anyway, try disable sonic wall to see if that is the problem. Or alternatively it could be one of the items i mentioned in the post above.