More than one flock user in same household

Please can you clarify the restrictions regarding more than one user running flock simultaneously in the same household, each user logged into a different flock account.
(I thought I’d read something about this somewhere but can’t find the reference!)

Here are some use case scenarios, with my current assumptions, having tried some of these scenarios on my own using two flock accounts. Please confirm or correct!

  • one leader (one choir room); OK
  • one member (one choir room): OK
  • two (or more) members, different choir rooms; OK
  • two (or more) members, same choir room: OK
  • one leader, one (or more) members, different choir rooms; OK
  • one leader, one (or more) members, same choir room; NOT OK (member will connect for a few seconds, then get disconnected; no error message given)

Obviously the above is subject to bandwidth limitations, but are there other technical/design restrictions that make a scenario unsupported (at least currently)? If so, can the unsupported scenario be detected such that it would be possible to give a suitable error message?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure I’ll try to answer. I’m not sure whether by “choir room” you mean the physical room you’re in, or the virtual choir room in Flock.

Either way… the restriction applies only to the Leader and whether they are on the same home network as Members, or not. Members can all be in the same household (e.g. husband and wife on their own computers both as Members of the same choir). However the Leader needs to be “alone” on his/her own network. The only scenario that doesn’t work (in the current version of Flock) is if a Member is on the same home network as the Leader.

Agreed, the disconnect is confusing and an error message would be more helpful. I’ll add to the list.

Thanks Paul, that’s helpful; we’ll just ensure our Flock Leader is “alone” on their own network. (We have a few couples.)

PS “choir room” was my just attempt to use Flock terminology, as in “Create a Choir room”; thus I did mean “virtual choir room in Flock” :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,
Our choir tried Flock last night for the first time, just five members plus one leader.
My wife and I (members) were on separate computers (Macs) on the same modem/router, only one of us could be heard, both could hear, all the mic / inputs and outputs settings were correct, we were probably both signed in to the same account could that be the problem?

Hi !

It’s unlikely that both signed into the same account is the problem but you could try logging out on the one computer and registering with a different email.

It’s more likely a problem with the setup of the one mic. Could be that noise cancellation is enabled on that mic in either the operating system (eg Mac or Windows) or within Flock. More info here:–mic-setup