New feature ideas

I’ve used this a few times now with various people
Things that would be useful for us:

  1. Chat function (at the moment if people are having problems they are emailing me as we go along, if for example they can hear us but we can’t hear them). Similar to zoom so being able to message all or a specific person
  2. When you press the “mute choir” button could it then say “unmute choir” like it does when you mute/unmute yourself rather than continuing to say “mute choir” but in red
    3.It would be quite handy to have a mute button for individual sections but the slider can be used too so this isn’t really important
  3. So far the internal metronome has not worked with any of the people I have tried it with. They can all see and hear it but if I say 1,2,3,4 with what I see it is out with what they see and hear. Is that anything to do with me being the leader?
    5.Being able to save different room names and passwords (though I now realise I can just put the same ones in over and over again so again this is not urgent)

Thanks for having us as part of the trial - we’re already much better than we were a week ago!

One other thought. Is it possible to have a message to any enthusiastic choir members who logon early to tell them that the “room will open soon” or words to that effect? Perhaps this could only be a feature once you can save rooms/passwords to use again?

Thanks for all of these! This is great - very helpful.

Other choirs have solved this in the interim by using another app for the chat. In our choir, almost everyone is on Whatsapp so we setup a WhatsApp chat group. For other choirs the easiest was just to use Zoom chat. So everyone is on Zoom to start and then people disconnect from Zoom audio (while remaining on video and having the chat accessible) and then logging on to Flock. At the end of the session they end back on Zoom by rejoining the audio on Zoom.

This is different from the Zoom bridge (which pipes audio from Flock into Zoom). It’s just having both apps running at the same time and switching the audio on and off in Zoom.

This is still a test feature and we haven’t cracked it 100% yet.