New version of Flock v1.3.9 released

We’ve just released a new version, v 1.3.9 for you to play with. On opening Flock, it should prompt you to update. Please ensure your singers all upgrade to the new version otherwise they will encounter “version mismatch” errors.

New features / changes

  • Warm-up room. Having everyone’s mic set at the right volume substantially improves the singing experience. A short video guide can be found here:
  • Health check. A series of tests to identify the most typical problems encountered by users along with links to help articles in the forum. Some of you may have seen an early version of this feature in the previous Mac build. As we encounter typical issues, we’ll add more tests to this feature.
  • Code clean-up and maintenance to tighten audio and improve latency
  • Crash reporting. This allows us to do better diagnostics on crashes and has already helped to fix a number of bugs that were causing crashes.
  • Reworked the Audio Controller which manages selection of the mic and headphones. Faster refresh/update when a new device is plugged-in and cleaner update when device is unplugged.
  • Rebuilt the synchronization of user lists and volume/muting and section controls between Leader and members.
  • When a user leaves the room they are removed from the group view after 10 seconds (requests from @marcjenkins and @ceastburn )
  • Removed the mic volume control from Flock so that mic volume adjustments are done in system settings for Mac or Windows. (thanks to @irolnick for observing we had too many volume controls so this is one attempt to simplify.) The consequence is that overall mic volumes will probably be set too high the first time using this new version and so users should calibrate with the new Warm-up room feature.
  • New, faster sound level meter and sound meter is now set to 0 when people mute themselves

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the “23-second delay”. A small number of users were producing audio with a 23 second delay (reported by @Deighton_NFS and others)
  • Fixed the volume slider on the metronome (reported by @marcjenkins and @hazelhannam )
  • Fixed several bugs causing crashes
  • Fixed a bug where default settings were not loaded
  • Leader muting a user was sometimes not being displayed in the Member app

Let us know your comments and feedback.

Fantastic!! Looking forward to my next text session!