Set your mic audio level correctly

Setting the mic levels correctly for each singer will substantially improve the overall audio quality of your Flock sessions. The aim is that the mic for each singer is not too loud and not too soft. The Warm-up room feature is the easiest way to do this.

How-to video

Background noise cancellation
In general, you should turn-off all background noise cancelling features. These interfere with setting the mic volume correctly and can also make your voice sound too faint. There are two main places to check where these might be enabled.

  1. Go to *System Preferences" → Sound and if there is a box which says Use ambient noise reduction then uncheck it.
  2. In Flock, click the Settings button and then where it says “Background noise removal”, move both sliders all the way to the left, as in the picture below. If you do encounter background noise then you can use these settings to remove the background noise, bearing in mind that it may also make your voice quieter.
    Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 14.59.38
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