Singers can mostly hear themselves not rest of choir

Is there a user guide somewhere for me to refer to so I can remember exactly what I’m meant to do as leader to help with the mix. I did a session yesterday with 3 sops and 2 basses + me sometimes playing piano/singing/using backing track with an external speaker.

The singers said they couldn’t hear each other unless they stopped singing. Through my headphones I could hear most of them so some were a quieter than others (& indeed are in “real life” too). They had all done the warmup room prior to the rehearsal.

I remember you said individual members can’t adjust what they hear. Within Flock I increased volume of each singer. I then couldn’t entirely remember what to do with the mix in sections & can’t spot that on here so help please!!

Is there a way of making the leader quieter - there were complaints I was too loud! I did the warmup room and set my mic at the lowest level I could whilst getting the two rings to touch.

I think my singers are starting to lose heart a bit now as they’ve said if they can only really hear me/piano & themselves they might as well stick to zoom.