Tried flock twice now

Hi there,

Two of us tried out flock at the beginning of the week and it seemed to work well. We added in two more singers and then two more again. We have noticed a lot of intermittent static and our conversation often gets repeated as an echo during the call.
Any ideas on why? We are all on ethernet cables and some mac’s and windows.


We had a lot of static too on the two occasions I have tried

Hi Emma and thanks for trying out Flock.

Usually it’s a mis-configuration on one (or more) of the singers. Are you able to identify which singers are introducing static/echo? A quick sound check at the beginning of the session is helpful, i.e. start with everyone on mute and then unmute one by one to hear if problems. If you find someone who has static/distortion on their line, the easiest is to keep them on mute so that the session can continue. The reason is that echo/static/distortion from one singer will be heard by all singers. So better to mute them. They’ll still be able to hear what’s going on and then troubleshoot afterwards.

Those singers can then try the Health check feature to see if there is anything obvious that is not setup correctly.

Echo is almost always when someone is routing their audio to a speaker instead of to their headphones (or if they’re not using headphones).