When a member sign in it says that room doesn't exist

I’ve set it all up but when my singer goes to join with the name and sign in, it says that room doesn’t exisgt

Hi Lizzy and thanks for trying Flock.

You need to be in the Leader version of Flock and click the Create button. That will open the Room. When the room is open, at that point your singers can click their Join buttons.

Instructions on how to open the Leader app is here: https://community.flock.digital/t/how-to-install-and-setup-flock/65#heading–leaders

Hi thank you.
Yes we did this and they successfully entered the room. They are a Mac user and very good at tech and followed and completed all instructions and sound checks. Is there anything more we need to do to hear each other.?
We both have headphones in.

Sorry. I was responding to the wrong query. We’ve resolved this ( I has mis typed the room name)
The new issue is that we are in choir room and can’t hear each other ( sound checks done and bars going green when we sing but can’t hear other)

These two links from the troubleshooting doc should help