🎢 Check in with team Flock

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster over the past few months, so we’d love to keep you updated on the ups and downs of the process.

Just to say I’ve set myself up and I’ve emailed all choir members to see if there’s a group free this week who are plugged in mac users to use as a first experiment. I feel I need an easier win to check I’m ok before I ask windows to join us. And, truth be told, I think mac users tend to know a bit more anyway!

4pm Thursday (uk time) is the first Northumbrian test run hopefully involving some singers from Tynedale Community Choir, Song Reivers, North Tyne Voices, and Dales Singers.

I’m excited!

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This is fantastic - looking forward to hearing how it goes!

Let us know if you need any further help before Thursday!

Brilliant and good luck! Makes sense to start with Mac.

If you do a recording, then afterwards feel free to post a clip from the session here in the forum. We’d love to hear you guys singing!

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OK thanks paul

I tried with one other person but i don’t think she’s on a Mac and there was a massive delay and she said i sounded like a robot and i couldn’t hear her at all

i’ll go back to the faQs and check i’ve followed all the settings

Yeah… at the moment, Windows is the equivalent of diving in to the deep end before learning to swim. I can guess what her config problems might be but it really is not the first step to take.

Definitely start with Mac singers and make sure they’ve got wired internet and wired headphones and in most cases it should work first time.